All courses have been completed for the 2021 Outdoor Season. If you are interested in becoming an official next season, please complete the following form HERE. You will be contacted by the Referee Director prior to the beginning of next outdoor season.



EMSA North pays by direct deposit only. If you are not on direct deposit, please complete the following form HERE. Payments are made approximately every 2 weeks.

The current fee structure is as follows:

Centre Referees.

  • U9 games ($25.00 for community $35.00 for North Side United)
  • U11 games ($35.00 for community $45.00 for North Side United)
  • U13 games ($45.00 for community $50.00 for North Side United)
  • U15 games ($55.00 for community $55 for North Side United)
  • U17 games ($60.00 for community $60.00 for North Side United)
  • U19 games ($60.00 for community $60.00 for North Side United)

Assistant Referees

  • U11 games – (No community, $20.00 for North Side United)
  • U13 games – ($25.00 for community $30.00 for North Side United)
  • U15 games – ($25.00 for community $30.00 for North Side United)
  • U17 games – ($30.00 for community $35.00 for North Side United)
  • U19 games – ($35.00 for community & $35.00 North Side United)

To ensure prompt payment, it is important that a copy of the game sheet be sent to the referee assignor via email (address below), by 4:00PM, the day after the game. The picture of the game sheet should be taken at the end of the game and the game sheet has been completed. If you are doing a game with AR’s, only one of the officials needs to send the copy in. Decide at the end of the game, which official is going to send the email in.

Field Information/ Field Closure Information

Most of our games are held on City of Edmonton fields. However we also use the EMSA West Complex and the Bill Gilhespy Soccer Centre (ESA). Please see below how games work at each facility. You can also check for other fields/facilities in the top right hand corner of the home page, in the event a game is scheduled at any other field/facility.

Although Assignr will be updated as soon as possible after it is known that the fields are closed, it is your responsibility as an official to confirm if the fields are closed. If the fields are closed do not go to your assignment.

Field closure information can be found below. The information for the 3 facilities/fields that we use are as follows:

  1. City of Edmonton

Phone: (780)496-4999 Enter 1

Website: coewebapps.edmonton.ca/facilitynotifications/default.aspx?args=4,14

Please check after 4:00PM on the day of your game. If you are officiating U9 or U11 community games and the fields are open but the weather is marginal, please also check the home page of EMSA North at https://emsanorth.com/

  1. EMSA West Complex

Address: 10058 231 Street NW

You will need to find the field when you get to the facility as the field numbers are changed regularly.

Phone: (780)490-5789

The field status is updated after 3:00PM. You can also check the status on the EMSA North home page at the top of the page. The link is HERE: https://emsanorth.com/

  1. Bill Gilhespy Soccer Complex (ESA)

Address: 14920 142 Street NW.

With the exception of U9/U11 games and games played on the artificial pitches, the field number on your schedule will not necessarily match what field you are playing on. Check on the board just before you enter the parking lot to find the field your game is on.

Please also be aware that if a game is suspended or terminated, teams are not allowed to remain on the field.

Phone: (780)443-6016.

The field status is updated after 3:00PM.

  1. Other Fields/Facilities

In the event a game(s) is scheduled at another field/facility you can find the relevant information on our home page, in the top right hand corner.


If you have any questions, please contact our assignor at the contact information below.

Paull Cameron

Email: refpaul@emsanorth.ca 

Phone: (780)721-1683


Misconduct reports must be submitted the office by 12:00PM the next business day following your game. You can use the following fillable Misconduct Report HERE.

For U9 and U11 community games, please forward to programs@emsanorth.ca or fax them to 780-406-0825.

For all other games please forward to the appropriate person as noted below:

EMSA community games – jennad@emsamain.com

EMSA premier games – angelad@emsamain.com

If warranted, please cc the referee director when sending the Misconduct Report

Referee Director’s Message:

Refereeing for some can be a calling but since it is also a paying position there are expectations and conditions. We want our referees to succeed so we take all feedback very seriously and will work with referees experiencing problems through a variety of methods such as additional mentoring or by recommending additional training.

The following is what we expect from all EMSA North Referees and Assistant Referees –

  • It is expected that all referees treat players, coaches, parents and each other with respect. Maintaining professionalism both on and off the field and applying the rules of the game in a fair, consistent manner will minimize the possibility of situations escalating out of hand. Respect is an earned expectation.
  • It is expected that all referees will wear the appropriate uniform to all games.
  • Except in the cases of emergency it is expected that any cancellation of games will be made at least 48 hours notice prior to the games.
  • It is expected that all referees will inform the Assignor if there is a no-show.
  • It is expected that referees will honor their assignments and will not turn back or switch games because of pay or other reasons.
  • If you have completed your assignment and notice another game ready to go with no officials, please contact your assignor immediately.
  • If you have completed your assignment and notice a game ready to go but without officials and cannot officiate the game, please advise the affected coaches that you have contacted the assignor.