EMSA North understands the importance of sports in the lives of our youth. Soccer is not only the fastest-growing youth sport all over the world, but it’s currently the most popular sport in Alberta. We want to give every child in our community the opportunity to build new friendships, have fun, learn new skills and develop a sense of self that they can carry with them in the future.

We believe in fun. We believe in play. We believe in soccer.



EMSA North exists to promote, develop and govern the soccer program on behalf of its members. It provides, wherever possible, soccer playing opportunity for every youth in its zone, regardless of gender, skill, ability, level, or race. We are committed, through inclusive programming to all cultures, and ongoing training and development to foster and encourage good character and sportsmanship through the principles of fair play and to ensure the welfare and fulfillment of each individual player and volunteer member of our program.