EMSA North Staff

Kylee Webster
Executive Director
Ph: 780-406-0798 Ext. 1
Email: programs@emsanorth.ca

  • Oversees the Daily Operations of EMSA North
  • Works directly with the Board of Directors
  • Executive & Directors Meeting Minutes
  • EMSA Zone contact
  • Xtreme Program Contact
  • Declarations for Zone
  • Tournament Co-ordinator
  • Outdoor League Director for all teams except City wide and Division A and B

Edina Hooper
Administrative Coordinator

Ph: 780-406-0798 Ext. 2
Email: office@emsanorth.ca

  • Office Suport
  • Finance
  • Accounting & Payment processing
  • Grants

Erika Lindsay
Volunteer Coordinator
Ph: 780-406-0798 Ext.3
Email: volunteers@emsanorth.ca

  • Co-ordinates Volunteers for Zone Bingos/Casinos and Tournaments
  • Security Clearance Processing and Contact
  • Coach Contact
  • Coach Course co-ordinator
  • Team Official Training
  • Special Progects

Geraldine Ratcliffe
Scheduling Coordinator
Ph: 780-406-0798 Ext.4
Email: scheduling@emsanorth.ca

  • League Scheduling for U6-U12 teams in the Outdoor Season
  • Tournament Scheduling
  • Administrative assistant for referee assignors
  • Referee Course Co-ordinator
  • Parent Contact