At EMSA NORTH, our volunteers are a critical and invaluable human resource that is integral to the mission of our organization. We survive and thrive on the support of dedicated volunteers. Help us give your children some of the most memorable moemnts of thier lives and support the weel-being and health of youth around Alberta.

EMSA North is a registered Not-For-Profit program that is headed by volunteers from within the board and communities and it takes a tremendous amount of time and work to run. Because of this, help from the families playing in the league is necessary to keeping it operational. All families are required to complete a volunteer commitment if their child(ren) participate in a program.

We commit to our volunteers by:

Offering a volunteer program that has adequate resources, is well managed and has the appropriate infrastructure to ensure volunteers are working in a supportive and rewarding environment. As part of volunteering at EMSA north we will strive to ensure the following:

  • Each volunteer receives a thorough orientation and adequate training and is aware of the importance of the function as it relates to the organization.
  • Each volunteer is provided the necessary supervision and accessible support so that you can fulfill your commitment to the organization.
  • You work in an environment that supports open communication, promotes a sense of teamwork and is respectful of diversity between volunteers and staff.
  • Returning volunteers are provided opportunities to learn and grow which includes the opportunity to experience various positions within our organization.
  • You are recognized through both formal and informal means as a valuable contributor and that your accomplishments are measurable and bring value to our organization.

As a volunteer at EMSA NORTH, you act as an ambassador of our organization. We greatly appreciate our volunteers that provide an exceptional soccer program to our youth that is friendly, informed and respectful. We value diversity and the willingness to create a positive experience for all players and coaches alike.