TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION, REFEREE COURSES, COACHING COURSES AND CLINIICS, TECHNICAL TRAINING SESSSIONS AND CAMPS: All registration fees are non-refundable, except for special reasons, in which we may ask you to prove your case. Claiming refund for courses, clinics and technical sessions because of medical issues must be accompanied with a doctor’s medical note. Any further inquiries regarding refunds for the above noted items can be directed to our Financial Department at 780-406-0798 X 302. If  a refund is granted, refunds will be assessed with a minimum $20 Administration Fee. Refunds due to EMSA’s cancellation of events will not be levied with administration fees. All payments made by cheque with insufficient funds will be charged a $10 NSF fee and must then be paid with a certified cheque, money order or cash.

SEASONAL REGISTRATIONS FOR PLAYERS: Registration fees for the season are not collected by the EMSA North for community play therefore EMSA North does not have a refund policy for player registrations. Please contact your community league as this is who collects player registration fees. The community league’s refund policy will be adhered to. For Premier Xtreme FC play, please reference the refund policy as outlined on your contract.