Refund Policy for Indoor 2023/24

A player refund will be accepted and approved as long as it is submitted in writing prior to September 19th, 2023, to less a $25.00 administration fee. Any requests for refunds after this date will not be provided.

Exceptions to this policy will be:

  1. In the event the player suffers a medical issue that renders them unable to play for the remainder of the season we will prorate their fees per game and apply a credit only to the account for the following season’s registration. Medical documentation will be required.
  2. If the season is cancelled due to government restrictions the portion of the fees related to facility rentals and referees only will be prorated on a per game per player basis and refunded back to the player. All other costs are fixed and will not be refunded back to the player, a seasonal delay does not constitute a seasonal cancellation. Both seasons may occur anytime within the ASA posted season dates which are Outdoor May 1st – Sept 30th & Indoor Oct 1st – April 30th.
  3. In the event a team / cohort must isolate due to a COVID related issues any missed games will be made up for at a later date and scheduled through the EMSA at no extra charge, no refund of fees would be provided for this purpose.
  4. Volunteer Commitments and Deposits voided so if the player withdrawal is prior to the Season Start date (which is after the refund deadline above). A written request for player withdrawal must be sent to prior to the season start date in order for the volunteer commitment to be waived. Withdrawal after the season start date will require completion of seasonal volunteer commitment, failure to commit will result in the cashing of the volunteer deposit.
  5. Volunteer Commitments will be waived for withdrawals due to medical reasons regardless of when they occur so as long as a medical documentation is provided..

Purpose:  The organization pays its governing bodies and end users after a certain date based on this commitment of registration by our membership. After this date, player registration fees are non-refundable to the association.