Title:  Refund Policy for Outdoor 2020/21 – During the Pandemic

A player refund will be accepted and approved as long as it is submitted in writing prior to April 30th to programs@emsanorth.ca less a $25.00 administration fee. Any requests for refunds after this date will not be provided.

Exceptions to this policy will be:

  1. In the event the player suffers a medical issue that renders them unable to play for the remainder of the season we will pro rate their fees per game and apply a credit to the account for the following season’s registration. Medical documentation will be required.
  2. In the event that the season is cancelled due to government restrictions concerning the pandemic the portion of the fees related to facility rentals and referees will be prorated on a per game per player basis and refunded back to the player. Fixed costs will not be refunded back to the player, a seasonal delay does not constitute a seasonal cancellation. The outdoor 2021 season may occur anytime within the ASA posted outdoor season dates which are May 01st, 2021 – October 01st
  3. In the event a team / cohort must isolate due to a COVID related issues any missed games will be made up for at a later date and scheduled through the EMSA at no extra charge, no refund of fees would be provided for this purpose.


Purpose:  To provide information on how refunds will be handled during the Pandemic. A refund request by a parent and not due from government related restrictions has a deadline due to the fact that the organization pays its governing bodies and end users after a certain date based on this commitment of registration by our membership. Those registration fees paid are unable to be refunded back to the zone office after April 30th when teams are declared and formed.


TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION, REFEREE COURSES, COACHING COURSES AND CLINICS, TECHNICAL TRAINING SESSIONS AND CAMPS: All registration fees are non-refundable, except for special reasons, in which we may ask you to prove your case. Claiming refund for courses, clinics and technical sessions because of medical issues must be accompanied with a doctor’s medical note. Any further inquiries regarding refunds for the above noted items can be directed to our Financial Department at 780-406-0798 X 302. If  a refund is granted, refunds will be assessed with a minimum $20 Administration Fee. Refunds due to EMSA’s cancellation of events will not be levied with administration fees. All payments made by cheque with insufficient funds will be charged a $10 NSF fee and must then be paid with a certified cheque, money order or cash.