EMSA Main Covid -19 Update: December 9, 2020

Hello Members,
The communication below has been issued by EMSA Main, our governing body.
Good day,
As expected, in light of continuing increase in Covid19 spread, the Government of Alberta decided yesterday to implement stronger public health measures.
Full information here: https://www.alberta.ca/enhanced-public-health-measures.aspx
The new restriction effectively shut down all sport and recreation province-wide until at least January 12, 2021.
As a result of this measures, EMSA is effectively suspending all organized soccer activities until January 12, 2021.
EMSA is encouraging all young soccer players in our program to do their best to stay active during these next 4 weeks and will work with coaching staff to help them provide virtual training and support for their teams during this period.
EMSA and our facility partners made a commitment to do everything possible to complete this 2020-2021 Indoor Season once the restrictions are lifted.
EMSA’s scheduling team is working on re-arranging the new January-to-April Schedule in order to give our teams as many games as possible for the remainder of the Indoor Season.
We trust that the new Government of Alberta restrictions, coupled with recent vaccine development will allow all of us to resume a much normal activity come 2021.
In the meantime, stay safe, take care of each other and try to enjoy this Modified Christmas Season.
Best wishes,
Dragos Niculescu
General Manager
Edmonton Minor Soccer Association
E dragosn@emsamain.com