COVID-19 Update: November 25, 2020

Edmonton Minor Soccer Association will be sending out more information regarding the Government’s new restrictions in their Friday Newsletter. However EMSA North did want to touch base with our families and advise what we know so far regarding the situation.

The Government of Alberta declared a health state of emergency effective Friday, November 27th, to help slow the spread of Covid-19 and protect our health system. The emergency will remain in effect for 3 weeks and then be re-evaluated.

Soccer and soccer activities are therefore suspended at this time.

However, applications by groups and or organizations, for exemptions will be considered. Currently EMSA, EDSA and Edmonton Soccer Facilities are applying for this exemption. Hopefully Alberta Soccer Association will join us as well! During our open season the Edmonton Soccer Facilities were inspected multiple times and passed each inspection, there are no known outbreaks linked to Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and for those reasons our organization is hopeful to be granted the exemption.

However there is the possibility that they may deny the application, in which case we will continue to comply with government orders and soccer will resume once the Government of Alberta advises us we are safe to do so; hopefully in 3 weeks! The Edmonton Soccer Facilities has already committed to accommodate the delay to our season end date that these pauses will cause. This means that our season will continue and our players will still get their games and practices in once we have been given the ok to proceed.

Stay healthy, and be safe so that we can get back onto the pitch as soon as possible!

Thank you,

EMSA North Executive Board