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U9 Rules Outdoor 2018

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U10 & U12 Field Lining

The lining for the U9 and U11 size fields occur on a schedule set by the zone. Lining occurs 3 times per season, please see below the schedule for 2018

  • Date #1: On or before April 30th
  • Date #2: On or before May 28th
  • Date #3: On or before June 18th

U5 & U7 will play on U9 & U11 half fields or green space which will be lined and provided by the community.

U13 & up teams will have their fields lined by EMSA Main.

City of Edmonton Field Maps

(Please check both NE and NW maps if you are trying to find a field and you are unsure of location)

NE Soccer Fields

NE Fields A – G

NE Fields H – N

NE Fields O – Z

NW Soccer Fields

NW Fields A – G

NW Fields H – N

NW Fields O – Z

EMSA North Green Space Maps (U6-U8)

Klarvatten Green Space