Outdoor 2019


There will be a Mandatory meeting scheduled for coaches for all age groups U5-U19. At least 1 team official (Must be a coach or assistant coach, managers do not count as a participating team official) must be present at this meeting within 10 minutes of the meeting start time in order to avoid an administration fee to your community league. At this meeting you will receive your coaches package.

Date: Wednesday April 17, 2019

Location:    Lago Lindo Community League

U5 Coaches: 6pm-7pm

U7 Coaches: 7pm-8pm

U13 – U19 Coaches: 8pm-9pm

Date: Thursday April 18, 2019

U9 Coaches: 6pm-730pm

U11 Coaches: 730pm-9pm


It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that all team officials and players in your team have a valid EMSA ID card prior to the first game or they will be unable to play.

You can view on your roster in the Soccer Portal which players have player cards and which do not. Any players without valid player cards need to attend a carding session.

Below is the list of players & coaches who need EMSA ID Card & The carding Session Dates.

  • All Community Players U13-U19
  • All Premier Players U9-U19
  • All Coaches U9-U19

Carding Session Location: Emsa North Office #204, 9006 132 Avenue


April 3, 2019 5pm-9pm

April 29, 2019 5pm-9pm

The player or team official obtaining the card must be present to have their photo taken, a piece of government issued ID will be required as well.

Coach Manual

U5-U11 Coach Manual 

Rules of the Game

EMSA north Modified Laws for U5 2019

EMSA north Modified Laws for U7 2019

U9 Rules Outdoor 2019

U11 Rules Outdoor 2019


EMSA Soccer Portal Information


How to Login as a Coach in the EMSA Soccer Portal

How to Score a Game in the EMSA Soccer Portal

Coach Forms

Incomplete Game Form

Withdrawal From Post Season Form (Due May 14th): Coming Soon April 2019

Guest Player Form 

Policies & Procedures

Thunder & Lightening Policy

Air Quality Policy

Concussion Protocol

Field Safety Checklist


U10 & U12 Field Lining

The lining for the U9 and U11 size fields occur on a schedule set by the zone. Lining occurs 3 times per season, please see below the schedule for 2018

  • Date #1: On or before May 1st
  • Date #2: On or before May 21st
  • Date #3: On or before June 4th

U5 & U7 will play on U9 & U11 half fields or green space which will be lined and provided by the community.

U13 & up teams will have their fields lined by EMSA Main.

City of Edmonton Field Maps

(Please check both NE and NW maps if you are trying to find a field and you are unsure of location)

NE Soccer Fields

NE Fields A – G

NE Fields H – N

NE Fields O – Z

NW Soccer Fields

NW Fields A – G

NW Fields H – N

NW Fields O – Z

EMSA North Green Space Maps (U6-U8)

Klarvatten Green Space




The following information as it applies in Appendix I & II in the EMSA Rules and Regulations will be acknowledged and agreed upon when becoming a team official, which you electronically agree to on the EMSA Soccer Portal. This code of conduct will be strictly adhered to and if your actions in your role go against this code disciplinary action will be taken.

Coach / Volunteer Code of Conduct Coach / Volunteer Responsibilities:  To remember that you are an ambassador for the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association [EMSA], your Zone, and your Community, as such, carry oneself with respect, dignity and pride.  To accept and work within all parameters set forth by the EMSA. To act in accordance with the Aims and Objectives set forth by EMSA.  To demonstrate a commitment to a role chosen (coach, assistant coach, team manager, etc.).  To act in accordance with all EMSA Bylaws Rules, Regulations and Policies.  To carry out one’s duties and responsibilities in a manner exhibiting the utmost professionalism, dignity and respect.  To respect and honor the EMSA Codes of Conduct.  To carry out one’s responsibilities efficiently, accurately and to the best of one’s ability.  To be accountable for the behavior of one’s team (if affiliated to one (1)) including all its coaches, players and parents.  To be accountable for all team-related activities including the accurate completion and timely submission of game sheets, the proper registration of players, the proper use of trialist players and the meeting of all league imposed deadlines.  To respect the authority and dignity of ALL EMSA game officials including game referees, Board of Directors, staff and other volunteers.  To comply with any mandates handed down, including all player / coach suspensions.  To treat all EMSA Board of Directors, staff, fellow volunteers / coaches, players and parents with the utmost dignity and respect.

II. Coaches’ Code  Soccer is a game for happiness  The laws of soccer should be regarded as mutual agreements, the spirit or letter of which no one should try to avoid or break  Visiting teams and spectators are honored guests  No advantages except those of superior skill should be sought  Official and opponents should be treated and regarded as honest in intention  Official decisions should be accepted without looking angry no matter how unfair they may seem  Winning is desirable, but winning at any cost defeats the purpose of the game  Losing can be a triumph when the team has given its best  The ideal is the greatest good to the greatest number  In soccer, as in life, do unto others as you would have them do unto you


All concerns & complaints must come in via writing, please carbon copy the North Zone office for any issues that you feel are pertinent. All submissions must be submitted after the mandatory 24 hour cooling off period and follow the chain of communication below.

Please note if the chain of communication is not followed the concern will not be reviewed.


Coaches/teams wishing to place formal referee reports (accolades and/or issues) should email Submit one by clicking HERE !  We will only process concerns from coaches, managers or directors!

In order to submit a complaint about a referee or linesman you must first follow the proper steps.

Should one of the steps be missed, your complaint will not be looked at.

Step 1

Have you waited the required 48 hours cooling off period?

Our Referee Coordinator will NOT review any complaint that is less than 48 hours after the incident.

Step 2

Submit a complaint

We will only accept complaints from Team Managers / Coaches / Assistant.

Contact our Assignors:

Paull Cameron  Email: refpaul@emsanorth.ca