EMSA North is proud to announce partnership with Canaccom Sports Team Travel.  Canaccom is dedicated to helping sports team with the process of group travel. They work closely with hotels to allow your whole team book together while providing multiple options and accommodating special requests.

Why choose to use Canaccom for your team travelling to our Tournament?

  • This eliminates the time consuming process of trying to find suitable accommodations
  • Canaccom provides free of charge customer care when booking hotels
  • Canaccom is an established company that builds great relationships with many hotels to work for you to find your team the best possible hotel for your needs

Who can use Canaccom?

  • Out of town teams can use Canaccom to book Hotels when travelling to one of the EMSA North Tournaments
  • EMSA NOrth teams may use Cannacom when travelling to an out of town tournament with another league.

Make sure that you inform Canaccom recommended their services by EMSA North and you and your team will be helping give back to the organization; as a portion of the booking will be given back to EMSA North as part of an ongoing Sponsorship!

To book through Canaccom please use any of the contact information below:

  1. Toll Free phone number: 1-888-699-8886
  2. Email: groups@canaccom.com
  3. Website: www.canaccom.com