Welcome to soccer in the North Edmonton soccer zone!

We want your soccer experience to be rich and rewarding. Understanding how community soccer programs run can be daunting, especially when searches on the web bring up many different links to soccer in Edmonton. We hope the following explanation will provide some insight into how your soccer program works. Community soccer in north Edmonton is run by EMSA North (also known as Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association). There are seven soccer zones in the greater Edmonton area, and EMSA North is one of those zones.

All soccer zones are members of EMSA (Edmonton Minor Soccer Association), who acts as our governing body.  While EMSA is our high level governing body, EMSA North manages day-to-day operations and sets procedures for coaches, parents and players within our zone.

EMSA North has its own Board of Directors and Executive who work closely with your community soccer directors.
 EMSA North has 37 member communities from all across the north end of Edmonton. Each north zone community is responsible to register their players, form teams, find coaches for those teams and then register their teams and coaches with our organization. While EMSA North manages the program we do not and cannot register players. Except for a very small staff, the entire north zone soccer program is run by committed volunteers, this includes your coaches, community directors and the EMSA North Board of Directors. All these people volunteer hundreds of hours a season towards providing a program that the entire family can enjoy.
 Outdoor soccer is extremely popular and each season EMSA North registers 400+ teams made up from approximately 6,500 players and as such we are not able to connect personally with every player/parent or coach.

If you have any concerns or questions about outdoor soccer – your first step is to communicate with your child’s coach or community soccer director. If the issue is not resolvable at the first level the community director is responsible to contact EMSA North. We also do our best to keep our website up-to-date; parents will find lots of relevant information on the North Zone website.

For the Outdoor season EMSA North runs the entire U6-U12 program in-house and those players will only play on north end fields. Due to the complexity and sophistication of soccer above the U12 age group EMSA runs the U14-U18 teams with teams coming together from all 7 zones to play on fields spread throughout the city.

For the Indoor Season EMSA runs the entire U6-U18 program with teams coming together from all 7 zones to play on fields spread throughout the city.

Thank you for supporting soccer in the north zone and good luck to every player in the 2014/2015 Indoor season.